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Logos Nursery School - India
In Ahwa-Dangs, Gujarat, India, after experiencing much persecution in the belt of poverty and tribal customs in 1998, the Christian community established “The Living Water Trust – Dangs” which provides them a greater opportunity to serve the Lord. One of the first endeavors was to start the Logos Nursery School where children are being introduced to a Christian life that few are privileged to enjoy. ICA contributes to this program to assure its continuation in an area where it is greatly needed.
Project Global Village - Honduras
Project Global Village (Proyecto Aldea Global) is the largest development agency working intensely with many villages to facilitate locally-owned-and-managed development projects in Honduras. Through its Material Aid Program, ICA provides equipment and supplies for health clin-ics, schools, road building and the many agricultural programs, as well as financial aid to help de-velop these program.
Material Aid Program
ICA collects and ships to Honduras material aid supplies to equip the orphanage (El Hogar de Niños Emanuel) in San Pedro Sula as well as schools, clinics and many other programs operated by Project Global Village, a Honduran development agency. Most of the materials are donated; however, financial help is needed to cover costs of shipping and handling.

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