nicaraguaSo, you want to be part of a work & witness camp to Honduras? Or, maybe you’ve never even thought about it before. Hundreds of people go on short-term mission trips every year. Some have special skills to offer, others simply offer themselves and willing arms…and GO! All are valuable!

The work & witness trips sponsored by the International Christian Aid are a ministry to orphaned and disadvantaged children that can put everyone’s gifts to use. A short-term mission trip such as this is not about what you can do, but what GOD can do through you. You will bring back much more than you can ever give.

How Do I Get Started? Who Do I Contact?

With the leadership of our Work Camp Coordinators, opportunities are provided for persons to serve as volunteers with work groups sent to Honduras.

For more information, please use the following contact information:

Bill and Rona Hemminger
307 Ralphton Road
Stoystown, PA 15563

Phone (814) 629-9868
Fax: (814) 629-0181

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